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They are home working hard to provide their clients with the same quality of service as they did when they were at the office. Clients still need to move forward with their lives and businesses, and they cannot afford to put off resolving disputes and conflicts. In these challenging times, mediation has dramatically expanded its reach.

At Conflict Solutions, we are finding that attorneys are reaching out to us much earlier in order to provide resolutions for their clients’ disputes while the matter is at the forefront of their clients’ focus. The best lawyers have always focused on their clients’ needs and desires, and provided prompt and efficient services. Conflict Solutions is proud to provide dispute resolution services that help meet these goals.

Scheduling preliminary sessions and actual mediations is easy and effective. We use ZOOM conferencing to help personalize the experience. It is unlikely that face to face meetings will happen soon. Even if that were possible, think about being in a small, medium, or large conference room with a group of people who may not have been social distancing during the past week. Think about the HVAC system and whether it is spreading germs. Ask yourself how effective it is to negotiate with people who are wearing masks.

Electronic conferencing enables participants to see and hear each other, to observe facial expressions, and most important to feel safe!

Let us work with you to provide your clients the service they deserve.