• Resolving disputes with Conflict Solutions is far less costly than pursuing prolonged and expensive litigation.
  • Our fees are reasonable and generally divided equally among the parties involved.
  • Conflict Solutions bills an hourly rate per party, depending upon the number of parties involved in a mediation or arbitration, plus expenses.
  • Hourly fees with a minimum number of scheduled hours are offered in Maine and portions of Florida. Otherwise, we offer a daily rate, plus preparation and expenses.
  • Rates will vary depending on the number of parties involved in a dispute and on the individual mediator’s fee schedule.
  • Disputes involving four or more parties will be co-mediated at no additional cost to the parties.
  • Please contact us for a quote and to review our agreements for services.

“Dear Pat: As always, it was a pleasure spending…at successful mediation. Our client was pleased with the process and the result.” J.B.

“Dear Pat:…frankly, when mediation was first suggested by…I thought that we were much too far apart for mediation to actually be successful, but your skills in this regard have proven me wrong.” M.Mc.

“Enclosed is a check…You earned every penny of it, Pat, and I appreciate what you did.” J.L.