• What is the difference between Mediation and Arbitration?
    In mediation, the parties decide the outcome of their dispute with the guidance of a neutral facilitator.
    In arbitration, the parties have authorized the arbitrator to act as a private judge and render a binding decision in their dispute.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each mediator has a fee schedule based on an hourly fee. For large out of state cases, we offer a flat fee arrangement plus preparation and reasonable expenses.
  • How long does it take?
    Mediations and arbitrations take anywhere from one hour to multiple days, depending on the complexity of the dispute and the number of parties involved. More typically, mediations and arbitrations take four to eight hours.
  • Why will private mediation/arbitration save me money?
    Disputes are settled faster because the parties are focused and motivated. The parties meet with one facilitator who guides them through all of the issues that need resolution.
  • Why would I choose Conflict Solutions if I am located out of state?
    Conflict Solutions is your least expensive solution. We travel anywhere. We settle cases.
  • Since mediation and arbitration are not regulated by state law, how can I be assured of a qualified and experienced mediator or arbitrator?
    All of the Conflict Solutions mediators and arbitrators are attorneys with a combined eighty years of experience in mediation and arbitration. They are bound by the ethical standards of the legal profession. In addition to law school training and many years’ experience in the legal profession, they have achieved the highest standards of mediation training and continue to keep abreast of dispute resolution methods and trends through membership and participation in such organizations as:International Academy of Mediators
    International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution
    American College of Civil Trial Mediators
    Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
    Supreme Court of Florida Certified Circuit Court Mediator
    Maine Association of Mediators
    American Arbitration Association, ArbitratorThe attorneys of Conflict Solutions are committed to and devote their energies to mediation. They do not maintain separate law practices.The attorneys at Conflict Solutions are individuals of the highest personal integrity.

“Dear Pat:…thank you for your help in resolving the …litigation. Your approach was like night and day as compared to the previous attempt at mediation.” R.W.