The International Mediation Institute, of which Pat Coughlan has been a member for many years, collects feedback from clients concerning their individual mediation experience with members of the Institute, and the feedback is then compressed into a digest. The most recent digest for Pat Coughlan is dated June 23, 2018 and is labeled with five stars. Feedback content follows:

This Feedback Digest is based upon 6 feedbacks submitted. Patrick Coughlan works regularly in complex, multi-party insurance, securities and construction disputes, including professional liability in the construction arena. The claims in these cases are in the many millions, sometimes billions and often involve underlying litigation in numerous forums that cross national borders.

He is typically and frequently hired by senior partners in large global law firms, who hire him to work on their “more serious cases.” He is the “go to” large case mediator in some states. One firm has mediated over fifty cases with Mr. Coughlan. Mr. Coughlan ranges from insurance coverage, securities and construction to personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and toxic exposure.

Mr. Coughlan is described as “top-notch,” and one senior partner at a global firm who has mediated hundreds of cases judges Mr. Coughlan as “one of the very best mediators” with whom he has worked. He bridges personality differences, has an intuitive sense of people, brings enthusiasm to the work-at-hand, and is able to earn the trust of competing lawyers and their clients. He has a tactical, strategic mind that makes him highly effective. He is persistent and thoroughly conversant with the details of the cases he mediates.

Mr. Coughlan demonstrates even handedness, grasps the nuances of esoteric insurance coverage issues, can be tough when needed and shows good grace and humor when required. He is able to astutely evaluate a case and perseveres to get all sides to ultimately agree to a resolution, however long that may take. He exhibits patience, zeal, intellect, a reserved sense of humor, intelligence and the ability to keep antagonistic parties engaged.

He deals well with, and motivates, a wide range of individuals and egos, which his users find essential to bring matters to resolution. Clients respect him and he respects clients, which one lawyer who gave feedback on Mr. Coughlan declared necessary to a successful mediation process.