For the past 25 years, Patrick Coughlan of Conflict Solutions has traveled throughout the United States mediating every type of dispute. If you require attorney references in particular regions of the country, specific states, or in connection with a particular type of dispute for which you are considering mediation, kindly let us know and we will furnish you with appropriate references.

“I want to thank you for all of your help.  Just remember—if this were easy, anyone could do it.  You both did a terrific job in this challenging case.”  R.F.

“Pat, you did a superb job today and I’m very grateful.  You cut through it all and manage to be true to yourself and your values at the same time.  We all feel that you are speaking directly to us, not down to us, and that’s because you are. I totally enjoy working with you….”  M.D.

“Pat consistently demonstrates not only intellect, but also zeal and energy in his commitment to the dispute resolution process.  Clients respect him, and he respects clients, both ingredients to a successful mediation process.” D.J.H.

“Devon did a great job mediating our case.  I would absolutely recommend him to other counsel.”  M.L.

“…Pat Coughlan exhibits all of the attributes I would want to see in a mediator…patience, intellect, reserved sense of humor, intelligence, and ability to keep otherwise antagonistic parties engaged.”  BCL

“Pat has established a reputation for competence, integrity, and results that made hi the ‘go-to’ large case mediator…”  JLS

…Dear Pat: You are without par in your ability to pick a value and then convince everyone else that you are right. My hat goes off to you. It is a unique skill and/or gift. On behalf of…please accept their sincere thanks in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion.”

” D.S. “Dear Pat: Although I enjoy trying cases, mediation is the way to go.” J.S.G.

“Dear Pat: …Your efforts were invaluable in bringing this matter to resolution. I have already begun trumpeting your skills to a number of my partners and colleagues.”  K. J.

(mediator) “showed patience, defused frustrations” L.R.

“Dear Pat: Thanks for your help. Use me as a reference anytime.” J.K.

Dear Pat: “Everyone on my side of the table was very impressed with your obvious mediation skills and knowledge in this area and your ability to predict what would work to bring a matter like this to closure.” M.R.M. 

“I want to thank you for the effort you put into settling the…cases. I heard many positive compliments over the course of the day from insurance executives in the room, on the elevator and in the meetings. I personally felt you really made the difference. Thanks again.” R.G.

“Pat, Thank you for your very helpful input in these past few weeks in the…case. You were instrumental in getting the case resolved, when it looked like we were foundering…I greatly appreciate how you made things happen so that we could get this done.” W.D.

“I had a client who was not very enthusiastic about or open to mediation…changed her mind…because of Pat’s style.” C.R.

 “…thank you for your skillful intervention and in particular for taking the time to make follow-up calls to move this case to a final settlement. The proof is in the pudding and the value of your contribution, Pat, was evident in the outcome.” T.P.

“Dear Pat, Thank you very much for your experienced and professional approach to yesterday’s mediation…If I have any further matters which might be appropriate for mediation, you can be certain that I will be calling you again.” M.M.

“…pleasure meeting and working with you on…matter. I appreciate all of your good efforts in knocking both sides around to a point that resulted in successful settlement of the case. Pat, I also appreciate the personable manner in which you conducted the mediation.” R.C.

“Dear Pat, …thank you for your invaluable assistance in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion at mediation. Prior to and during a good part of the discussions…I did not see the mediation as being successful; however, you were patient and very helpful in bringing the parties to a mutually satisfactory middle ground.” G.P.

“You did an excellent job as always. It is a pleasure working with you.” H.R.

“Dear Pat, We are taking this oportunity to express our deepest appreciation for the manner in which you handled our mediation.” D.K.

“Thanks for your help. It was invaluable.” D.S.

“Dear Pat, Thank you for your assistance in bringing this matter to a resolution.” R.C

“I felt that Pat’s persistence and willingness to work were valuable contributory factors to bringing about settlement.” V.M.

“Dear Pat:…grateful to you for taking the time…have companion case…will certainly think of you when it comes time to work on settling that case.” J.S

“Dear Pat:…thank you for your help in resolving the …litigation. Your approach was like night and day as compared to the previous attempt at mediation.” R.W

“Dear Pat: As always, it was a pleasure spending…at successful mediation. Our client was pleased with the process and the result.” J.B.

“Dear Pat:…frankly, when mediation was first suggested by…I thought that we were much too far apart for mediation to actually be successful, but your skills in this regard have proven me wrong.” M.Mc.

“Enclosed is a check…You earned every penny of it, Pat, and I appreciate what you did.” J.L.