Settlement Counsel

The purpose of settlement counsel is to involve an independent and experienced expert to aid the client in obtaining the best possible result from a mediation or negotiation. As settlement counsel, Patrick Coughlan brings his extensive mediation tactics and negotiation skills to assist the trial attorney in settling a case.

Our services are especially beneficial if a mediator has already been retained or if the client or attorney is too close to the case and needs unbiased and experienced guidance.


  • Settlement counsel evaluates all written materials that are submitted to the mediator by both sides prior to a mediation and
    confers with the client and attorney prior to the hearing to discuss appropriate settlement strategies.
  • With the advice of settlement counsel, and with settlement counsel in attendance,
    the trial attorney presents his client’s case at the mediation hearing.
  • Settlement counsel evaluates opposing counsel’s presentation and analyzes what is said and not said.
  • Mr. Coughlan provides his clients with a clear understanding of the
    advantages or disadvantages of settling a dispute.
  • Settlement counsel strategizes on how to obtain the best result.


  • By having an independent advisor present during a mediation or negotiations, a client greatly
    increases the chances of achieving the best possible settlement.
  • As a “fresh and independent”evaluator, settlement counsel can keep the client focused on the strengths of the case,
    while suggesting negotiation strategies that help achieve the client’s desired conclusion.
  • Mr. Coughlan’s role as settlement counsel at a mediation greatly enhances the chance of achieving a successful outcome.
  • If you are an OWNER, you will benefit from unbiased advice.
  • If you are an ADJUSTER and need a key negotiator, Pat Coughlan can be that person.
  • If you are an ATTORNEY, you will not have to compromise your litigation strategy.