Conflict Solutions is available to mediate disputes in any state, and internationally. Mediations outside of Maine that involve fewer than four parties are handled by either Pat Coughlan or Devon Coughlan, depending on scheduling and client preference. Mediation services in Maine and some areas of Florida may be offered on an hourly basis, with a minimum number of scheduled hours per day. Otherwise, we offer daily rates for national and international mediation services, with no charges for travel or accommodations, which provides tremendous value and certainty to our clients. Disputes involving more than four parties are mediated by both Pat and Devon at no additional charge to the parties. These larger co-mediations have been extremely successful and appreciated by all parties involved. Having two mediators involved in large, complex cases has resulted in:

  • more effective and efficient mediations,
  • a quicker exchange of information,
  • twice the problem solving expertise applied to finding a viable resolution,
  • less waiting by the parties,
  • less time needed to reach a resolution, resulting in a lower cost to all parties.

We are not aware of any other mediation firm that consistently offers comediations for large, complex cases and at no additional cost to the parties. Devon and Pat’s relationship allows them to manage the mediation process and their interactions with the parties in an intuitive and seamless manner that is difficult if not impossible for others to duplicate.

“…thank you for your professionalism and efforts in bringing about the resolution of this case which…Pat,…struck a fair balance among all parties concerned.” K.S.

“Dear Pat, …thank you for your invaluable assistance in bringing this matter to a successful conclusion at mediation. Prior to and during a good part of the discussions…I did not see the mediation as being successful; however, you were patient and very helpful in bringing the parties to a mutually satisfactory middle ground.” G.P.