Our arbitrators are honest, skilled, knowledgeable, and exercise a high degree of common sense in their work. At a time when the cost of many arbitrations approaches that of litigation, we work to control the amount of time spent on arbitration, and therefore, costs. We take a proactive approach to managing a case in a manner that meets the attorneys’ need to understand the case without unnecessary discovery. We also have a reputation for “calling it as we see it,” and not “splitting the baby.” Our firm and fair manner has made us the arbitrator of choice in many cases. With our professional office staff we can do all scheduling and case management through our office. We often act as single arbitrators, although we are also available for arbitration panels.

Conflicts of interest are rare since Pat Coughlan has been working exclusively as a mediator/arbitrator since 1987 and does not practice law.Devon also now works entirely in the fields of mediation and arbitration. Med-Arb is a hybrid alternative to arbitration offered by Conflict Solutions. In Med-Arb the arbitrator first attempts to settle the matter through mediation. If that process is unsuccessful, the mediator then decides the matter as an arbitrator. In the mediation portion of this hybrid process, no communication with the mediator can be confidential from the other side.

“You did an excellent job as always. It is a pleasure working with you.” H.R.

“Dear Pat, We are taking this oportunity to express our deepest appreciation for the manner in which you handled our mediation.” D.K.

“Thanks for your help. It was invaluable.” D.S.