Rachel M. Beaudoin

Rachel M. Beaudoin, Vice President of Conflict Solutions, joined the firm in 1996.  She is responsible for managing all of the firm’s commercial mediation caseload and oversees the day-to-day operations of Conflict Solutions.

Rachel has a degree in business administration and an extensive background in that field.  For nearly twenty years prior to joining Conflict Solutions, she served as a corporate officer and executive secretary of a multi media communications corporation.

Her career is wide ranging and includes working as a marketing representative for a worldwide aircraft services corporation and as a school coordinator of public relations and communications.

Rachel can address your inquiries about mediator availability and fees, and can respond to general questions relating to the sequence of events and process and procedure after a mediation is scheduled. She is always in close touch with the mediators as they travel around the country and can connect them to the client when an immediate need arises.