How it is the SAME:

The process is every bit as effective, we are settling cases, and attorneys and their clients are busy working and moving their caseloads ahead.

(In the last week alone, Pat Coughlan completed a successsful 11-hour mediation. Each of the participants was engaged and fully participated in the entire process. Devon has also had a busy month of April with a number of successful multi-party remote mediations.)

How it is DIFFERENT:

One must devote a little more time to the process. Commencing a mediation takes more planning, better initial communications, and more honest communications between the parties and the mediator about “impediments” to settlement.

How it WORKS:

We use pre-mediation Zoom or Microsoft Team sessions to introduce ourselves, get to know the participants, and to learn about the case from each party’s perspective. These electronic meetings also give participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of Zoom and Team and to become fully comfortable with the process.

WHY You will Appreciate the Process:

A skillful mediator will keep everyone involved, fully engaged, and fully participating during the electronic process.

From this mediator’s experience, the parties are focused on the settlement goal and work harder to resolve their differences and keep a better perspective.

Call us!

If you, or anyone in your office would like to talk to us about how to make electronic mediations successful, please call us. We are enthusiastic about the process and outcomes and you will be, too!

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