Why Conflict Solutions?

“We are the only firm with extensive experience in co-mediation. We offer co-mediation for all of our significant cases with four or more parties.”

Conflict Solutions is made up of highly experienced, qualified and creative dispute resolution experts. Each year, Pat Coughlan and Devon Coughlan mediate some of the largest and most complex multiparty lawsuits in the country. Our practice is national and international in scope. Our expertise allows us to effectively handle any matter, large or small. We bring tremendous value to every matter and succeed in resolving over 90% of disputes. Each year Pat Coughlan and Devon Coughlan mediate some of the largest and most complex multiparty lawsuits in the country.


Patrick C. Coughlan Esq. President, Conflict Solutions Inc

Patrick Coughlan is the “go to” mediator for complex multi-party construction and insurance matters. He also has extensive experience mediating intellectual property, mass tort, and catastrophic cases. He has mediated over 20 billion dollars worth of cases to date and travels throughout the world to settle the most challenging matters. He often hears: “I thought this case could never be settled” from participants after a settlement is obtained. Patrick is particularly skilled at dealing with difficult people and situations. He is able to build trust with all mediation participants in an effective and timely manner. He is even-handed in his approach to participants and never plays favorites.

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Devon G. Coughlan Esq. Conflict Solutions Inc

Devon Coughlan specializes his mediation practice in the areas of national and international construction and insurance coverage disputes, with a focus on large, multi-party cases. A commercial and construction litigation attorney for many years, Devon is now one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, and credible large-case construction and insurance coverage mediators in the country.  His experience and expertise includes familiarity with every conceivable kind of construction and design related claim, as well as their associated insurance coverage dynamics, in projects from NFL stadiums to suspension bridges, international airports to high-rise condos, highways to hospitals, reservoirs to …

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Devon G. Coughlan

Conflict Solutions Inc

Rachel M. Beaudoin Vice President, Conflict Solutions Inc

Rachel M. Beaudoin, Vice President of Conflict Solutions, joined the firm in 1996.  She is responsible for managing all of the firm’s commercial mediation caseload and oversees the day-to-day operations of Conflict Solutions. Rachel has a degree in business administration and an extensive background in that field.  For nearly twenty years prior to joining Conflict Solutions, she served as a corporate officer and executive secretary of a multi media communications corporation. Her career is wide ranging and includes working as a marketing representative for a worldwide aircraft services corporation and as a school coordinator of public relations and communications.

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Rachel M. Beaudoin

Vice President, Conflict Solutions Inc


As one prepares for mediation, it is too easy to focus on the procedural aspects (briefs, arguments, expert reports, exhibits) of the process and NOT enough time on mental preparation. To succeed at mediation, the lawyer must be mentally prepared to effectively “sell” her/his point of view. That means coming into the process with an open mind and accepting that one might learn something or...
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How to Begin a Difficult Conversation by:  Patrick C. Coughlan, Esq.Many attorneys and their clients put off the start of a challenging conversation with opposing lawyers and clients for two reasons:1) They are not sure how to approach the other side to begin the discussion (perhaps fear of looking weak.)2) They are concerned that they could make matters worse.Never lose sight of the...
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Zoom Mediation – What works? What doesn’t?

By: Patrick C. Coughlan, Esq.By now most lawyers have participated in an electronic mediation where participants are visible to each other. Most participants to a Zoom type mediation have been pleasantly surprised by the ease of the process, and the positive results achieved. The lawyers who have been displeased with the use of Zoom generally participated in a process that was poorly...
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