Conflict Solutions, INC. creates settlements, case after case, in every type of dispute.

Administrative Law: School Districts, Fishing Rights, Statutory Interpretation.

Business & Non Profits: Partnership & Management Differences, Group Mergers, Board of Directors' Conflicts, Family Owned Business Issues.

Construction: Negligent Design, Defects, Breach of Contract, Deceptive Trade Practices, Bonds, Impossibility, Contract Revision during Construction.

Contract: Failure to meet Specifications, Timely Completion, Compliance with Specifications, Consequential Damages, Rescission, Fraud, Dissolution of Businesses, Mergers, Terms and Conditions.

Divorce, Post Divorce and Family Issues (New England Only):  Divorce Settlements, Parenting Plans, Rights & Responsibilities for Parents, Paternity, Family Owned Business, Real Estate.

Employment & Discrimination: Non-Compete Clauses, Contract Compliance, Damages; Age, Sex, ADA Discrimination, Compliance.

Environmental: Oil and Toxic Spills, Asbestos, Wetland, Statutory Compliance, Offsets, Tradeoffs, Damages, Work-outs, Fisheries.

Healthcare: Reimbursement, rate and contract disputes between insurance companies, hospitals and physicians / medical groups.

Estate and Trusts: Undue Influence, Fraud, Interpretation of Language, Division of Property, Validity of Documents and Wills, Beneficiary Conflict.

Securities: Misrepresentation, Fraud, churning.

Insurance: Coverage, Criteria for Coverage, Apportionment, Contract Terms and Meanings.

Intellectual Property: Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Industrial Design Rights.

Personal Injury: Commercial Vehicles, Negligence, Statutory Compliance, Damages, Punitive Damages, Motor Vehicle, Personal Torts, Defects.

Products Liability: Design Defects, Statutory Compliance, Punitive Damages.

Professional Liability: Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Teachers, Real Estate Agents, Accountants.

Public Policy Issues: Local, State, Federal, and Governmental Matters.

Real Estate: Contract and Sale, Disclosure, Recision, Damages, Fraud, Boundary Disputes, Eminent Domain, Shared Real Estate (especially seasonal, multi-generational owned property

"I felt that Pat's persistence and willingness to work were valuable contributory factors to bringing about settlement." V.M.

"Dear Pat:...grateful to you for taking the time...have companion case...will certainly think of you when it comes time to work on settling that case." J.S.

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